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Message board rules and privacy policy
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Message board rules and privacy policy

1st off , Welcome to Northern California's Drag Racing Board.


1. No real flame wars. If you have a problem with someone PM them.
2. No need to flame every new user. Everyone who has the ability to post here has already been approved by us.
3. Anyone who asks a stupid question that can be answered by doing 5 seconds of research will probably be flamed by everyone
This rule also applies to people who post tech questions in the bs forum, or who try to sell shit in the General forum. This rule may or may not apply to people giving very wrong tech advice.
4. If you ever post something that is not work safe then make a huge note of it in your subject title, or DO NOT POST IT AT ALL. Nothing is so damn funny that it must be shared at all costs. If we want to see some funny photoshopped picture of the olsen twins naked we can go to one of the 1 million other forums on the internet that are not car based.


1. When you sign up please include a LOCATION, (give the city) this will help in the future when people ask what side of town you are on.
2. Please do not create a signature that has your life story, that is lame and you will be made fun of. This goes for sig images too.


1. We collect personally identifiable information including but not limited to your name, email, and address
2. We will NOT sell or share any of your information to any third parties, unless we are acquired by another company. At which point you will be given a 30 day period to remove your account information before it is shared.
3. We may share aggregate demographic information of our users to advertisers.
4. We will send updates and newsletters only as permitted by your selections in your profile. You may change these settings at anytime in the account settings page.
5. The above rules are subject to change.

Thats about it. Thank you for visiting Norcal1320.com
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