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PLEASE READ **New Rules 1/2007- Read and Obey**
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PLEASE READ **New Rules 1/2007- Read and Obey**

Classified Rules

1. Any item for sale must include a price

2. Any person selling parts, must include 1 of the following:
Phone number
Email address

3. If you post your own for sale items to the for sale thread started by someone else, you also are in violation of Forum rules. Start your own thread, rather than jumping into the thread of someone else.

4. No hijacking of threads.

If you don't like the price or item being offered in for sale thread, take it to e-mail or PMs. Better still, just move on to a thread that is offering something you like the price on.

If you post a criticism of the price or the quality of the item being offered, you will be in violation of Forum rules and subject to sanctions.

This means keep it on track. Only replies related to the thread can be posted.
If it is a for sale thread and you have the same item for sale, start your own thread. Do not link your thread in your reply.
If it is a "want to buy" you may offer your parts for sale by providing a link to your thread.

5. All sellers must have their profile filled out.

If a seller or buyer does not have a location in his profile, do not do business with them.
It seems that many of the problems we see deal with someone who doesn't want to disclose their location.
They are trying to hide something, my advice, do not deal with them.
If you are a seller, please include your location in your profile so that it is easily visible under your name when you post.
If you don't have a location under your name, your thread will be removed, no exceptions.
These deals are based on trust, if you can't trust people enough to let them know where you are
located, how can they trust you to send you money for parts sight unseen?
Naturally, if someone sends you money, they will have an address, but is it real? Is it a PO Box? Is it an empty house so you can fake your address?
If these bad deals keep happening (and I'm not talking about the scam artists who are new members, but longtime members who are just not playing nice), I will recommend that this section be removed from the forum.

6. Pictures are highly encouraged.

Digital cameras have never been cheaper than they are right now. If you can afford a computer with high speed Internet, you can afford even a cheap digital camera. Pictures should be of the highest quality available; nobody wants to see tiny or blurry pictures. If you have highspeed Internet, most providers give out a free storage area. I suggest you check into it and create a folder that is not password protected to store pictures in.

7. Bad deals may be posted as well as good deals.

Bad deals may be posted only after every possible attempt to resolve it has been tried and failed - only the facts can be posted. There will be no false accusations, name calling or insults.
Communication is your best friend in every transaction, be clear on how you want it handled.
If you can't agree on terms, then it's best to abort the transaction.
You may not reply to a bad thread unless you are one of the parties involved or have something constructive to add.
There will be no lynch mob.
People who reply with , or any other smiley or "TTT" will be disciplined.
If you are the creator of a "Bad Deal" thread, you must PM me with a link so that I can keep it under review. I don't always see every thread every day. If you don't alert me, the thread will be removed.

8. Buyer beware.

As always it is buyer beware, seller beware. If you are unsure of a person, check their profile, ask around (privately of course), there are many members here who know each other or know of people. This way you can find out if the sale will go positively.

9. Threads will be closed without warning

10. Norcal1320.com is NOT responsible for any transactions taking place between members, and is NOT responsible for damaged parts exchanged between members.

If you read these guidelines, the reasons for closing a thread have been stated.


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you need 25 posts to use the for sale section- this protects out members from scams thanks
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